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The edgeless iPhone 8 you’ve always dreamt of

It’s not even 2017 yet, and we still have a painfully long nine months to wait before Apple launches its hotly anticipated iPhone 8. Apple is expected to mark the tenth anniversary of its original iPhone launch with a bold new design, completely overhauling the current iPhone design. It will be a welcome change for Apple fans, whose iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets feature a design that has now been utilised for the third consecutive year.

Despite the fact that Apple’s flagship iPhone lineup continues to be the best-selling smartphone series in the world, fans are anxious for something new — and in 2017, they’ll get the completely overhauled iPhone design they’ve been waiting for. We’ve all ready the rumors time and time again, and there have been a number of reports on the iPhone 8’s design from solid sources. As such, it’s safe at this point to presume we have a good idea of what to expect from next year’s flagship iPhone. We still don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like though, which is why it’s so much fun to check out designers’ visions of the upcoming OLED iPhone 8.

Numerous reports have stated that Apple’s next-generation iPhone 8 will feature a new OLED display that curves down on both sides of the phone and occupies much more of the face than it does with Apple’s current iPhone design. This will be achieved in part by switching to OLED display technology, which is much thinner than the LCD displays Apple currently uses in its iPhones. But Apple is also expected to ditch the home button and embed a new type of Touch ID fingerprint scanner into the display itself. As a result, Apple won’t need all that space beneath the screen anymore.

Much has been made of rumors that the sides of the iPhone 8’s display will be curved, and people have been quick to assume Apple is planning a design similar to what we’ve seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 7, and several other Samsung smartphones. But what if Apple is working on something much more subtle than that?

There’s currently no indication of how closely this design will represent the actual iPhone 8 when it debuts, but we would actually far prefer something subtle like this compared to the dramatic slope on Samsung’s recent Galaxy smartphones.

Two iPhone 8 concept images from iDropNews follow below.

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