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Professional voice prompt recordings + on-hold messaging

Take your telephone system from standard to stand-out

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The self-service solution to telephony voice prompt recording


Working with all major telephone systems, in over 50 different languages, we provide superior quality professional voice artist recordings for telephone systems. We collaborate with partners both locally and across the globe to provide customers with cost-effective voice recordings, without compromising on quality.


All our voice artists are carefully selected based on our industry experience of what works… and what doesn’t! They are all native speakers, and in most cases, still live in their native country. We develop long standing partnerships of trust and reliability, which we extend to our customers with our voice guarantee.

How it works

Step 1

Get started – sign up for free!

Step 2

Select your language, voice and phone system

Step 3

Enter/Upload your script and approve the pricing

Step 4

Download your recordings when they’re ready

Recent work


The Mandarin Restaurant


Michael Chandler Estate Agents


Integrated Lighting Solutions


Gain access to a vast network of regional and international voice artists, who specialise in the localisation and recording of professional IVR voice prompts for telephone systems.

Prompt fees

(recording, editing and quality check)


per prompt (up to 50 words)


per word (above 50 words)


prompts pack


per language

On-hold music with


mixing fee


per prompt

  • I need a language that is not on your list, what should I do?"
    If you need a language we've not listed, please get in touch. We actually record in over 50 languages, and decided just to show the most popular ones – so there's a good chance we already have a voice artist ready to help.
  • What if I need a particular accent for a language?
    Our voices are carefully chosen to have a suitable corporate accent, and we can provide all pre-recorded system prompts. If you need a specific accent, we can offer access to other voice artists, but there may be additional charges for system prompts. Please contact us if we can help.
  • What if I need more prompts later?
    Our system has an intuitive design, with all your voice and language choices stored for easy-access – giving you a simple one-stop-shop for all your future needs. Just chose the language and upload the script. What’s more, all your past scripts are stored, searchable and editable, making it easy to request tweaks to previously recorded scripts.
  • Can you translate my scripts too?
    Yes, we can. For an extra fee, we can not only translate but also localise your prompts. Most translators specialise in translating the written word. Our translators (who are sometimes the voice artist themselves) understand you are looking for something that sounds right on the phone, which may not be just a direct translation. That's where our expertise in telephony prompt recording really adds value.
  • Can I give instructions to the voice artist on read-style or pronunciations?
    Absolutely. Our interface allows you to give special instructions to the voice, including pronunciations and the tone of voice you want for your recording. You can even save these instructions if they may be useful for future recording sessions.
  • Which phone systems do you support?
    Our recordings play on the phone systems of over 3,000 companies across the world, so it’s unusual for us to come across a system we've not recorded for before. We aim to support every major telephone system and are always keen to hear if we’ve missed one. If you think we have, please get in touch!
  • What if I need to convert my file format? E.g. if I change phone systems?
    If you’ve preloaded your account with £250 or more, you’re entitled to free prompt reformatting. See the pricing page for more details.
  • How long will I have access to my recordings for?
    So long as you’re actively using our service, we hold onto your recordings forever! See the pricing page for more details.

A better impression starts here

Whether you're a small business or a multinational company wanting highly professional voice recordings for your platform, we can help.

Frequently asked questions

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