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Compare the business mobile marketplace faster

Our unique network relationships allow us to build completely bespoke tariffs tailored to suit your individual business needs.

To speak with our sales team please call 028 9140 4040 M - F 9am - 5pm

Partners and technology

We are the only major business telecoms company in Northern Ireland to maintain long-term relationships with all of the largest and most well established networks in the UK.

Our business mobile tariffs

A tariff with is different to those you get on the High Street as a consumer and with most other networks – they're a starting point, not the final word.

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Our business mobile bolt-ons

Bolt-ons are perfect for business people on the move who want to stay connected.

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Business Mobile Offers

Nothing off the peg. Only tailored solutions to fit your business.

All our suggested packages can be adjusted to your exact requirements

Mobile Office Special

x5 Samsung S8

x5 iPhone SE

  • Unlimited UK/EU Calls

  • Unlimited UK/EU Texts

  • 80GB UK/EU Data

  • 3 Months Free Insurance

Tradesman Special

  • Unlimited UK/EU Calls

  • Unlimited UK/EU Texts

  • 5GB UK/EU Data

  • 3 Months Free Insurance

x1 DeWalt Phone MD501

x2 Sim-only


per month

Sim-only Special

x1 Sim-only connection

  • Unlimited UK/EU Calls

  • Unlimited UK/EU Texts

  • 2GB UK/EU Data

  • Discounted Roaming


per month

Mobile Worker Bundle

x1 iPad Pro 9.7 64GB

x1 iPhone 7 32GB

  • Unlimited UK/EU Calls

  • Unlimited UK/EU Texts

  • 10GB UK/EU Data

  • 3 Months Free Insurance


per month

Huawei Special

x3 Huawei P10

  • Unlimited UK/EU Calls

  • Unlimited UK/EU Texts

  • 15GB UK/EU Data

  • 3 Months Free Insurance


per user per month!

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per user per month!

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Instant online access to all your business phones

Managing your business

Simply Telecom empower you to manage your entire range of communications solutions, saving you time and money. Use real time usage information, alerts and reports to actively manage your account on a user by user basis. We give you complete transparency and put you back in control.

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Everything at your fingertips.

Schedule bars to manage your account remotely

Trend reporting to identify usage and costs over time

Set caps and alerts to avoid bill shock

Add/remove bars to prevent unauthorised use

my.plan delivers live usage information for each of your phones and devices connected through That means you can easily track and investigate all of your business's voice, text and data usage.

Request a free quote

Request a free, no obligation quote for your business mobile, landline or broadband.

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Keeping your business in safe hands 

Proparamedics, Belfast

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